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Welcome to my blog. This blog is intended to be kind of my knowledge base. From now on, I’ll try to share what I found the most interesting in LabVIEW Software Development. Not just programming, but some thoughts and ideas in productivity and team working.

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A Git Based Dependency Management. For LabVIEW?

What about a git based manager for your source code, zip files, binaries (PPLs), etc…? For a while I’ve been trying to write this post, but several reasons kept me from finishing the write. One of the things is that I didn’t have a good solution for it. I had a workable solution, but it…

Failed to Compile

Hi, I am back writing. At least I will try. Last year was a year of big changes for me, and writing here was not my priority, not that I don’t like to, I really enjoy, but time and patience to sit and write something is somewhat hard to find nowadays. This time is small…


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