Failed to Compile

Hi, I am back writing. At least I will try. Last year was a year of big changes for me, and writing here was not my priority, not that I don’t like to, I really enjoy, but time and patience to sit and write something is somewhat hard to find nowadays.

This time is small post of something that has been bothering me sometimes, since I moved back to LabVIEW 2017 (due to change of jobs), I’ve realized that this specific error has been haunting me more than the usual. A good reason to believe that this has been improved in newer versions of the LabVIEW.

VI Failed to Compile

This is the first symptom, and you start to get worried about the work you do. And you try to save.

Then checking at the Ctrl+L Page, you see your nightmare starting to happen.

Luckily you were able to commit your code, and then you can just do a simple checkout. But, you know, that sometimes it not the case.

The first hint from LabVIEW is to hit Ctrl+ Shift+ Run arrow. This will force recompile the VI, but it does not always solves the problem.

The second one is to recreate a VI from scratch and copy the content over. Doable, but sometimes it is more trouble.

Maybe a final Solution

Looking for a possible alternative solution I found a rather old post in NI Forums, with a “hack”.

That was something new for me. Mainly because that is not a common situation. But with this approach I was able to have a clue of what was wrong in my VI. As told there, I deleted the object with problem and recreate it.

Problem solved.

I wish it was easier, but sometimes it just happens, and you just don’t want to recreate a VI, or you can’t roll back in a good way.

Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for next posts.

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