Give kudos to good ideas

If you like to see new features in LabVIEW, maybe it’s time to check regularly at the LabVIEW Ideas Exchange Community Forum

There, people post some ideas they have about changes in LabVIEW IDE or any other NI product. According to amount of Kudos received, the feasibility of the idea is evaluated by the R&D Team. So that doesn’t mean that the most kudoed idea will be implemented, but it will certainly give it some extra attention.

So, it is important to navigate in the forums and spend some time to kudos great ideas (there are things that you have never imagined, and it could change your lives.

Using this post I will promote two ideas, and if you like it you could give them kudos.

Make a ‘best-effort’ attempt to open newer VIs/LVLIBs/etc

This idea from Christian Butcher intends to improve the work of the future yourselves. The idea basically is to make possible to open newer versions of VIs in the older LabVIEWs. Possibly from the current versions onwards.

The link for the idea:

Official LabVIEW Docker Images

This second idea is from myself. As a big advocate of using docker for testing and best software engineering practices, I thought it was reasonable to post this idea. The idea itself it is definitely feasible, but it faces some other challenges such as LabVIEW licensing and some minor issues that someone, who tried to use it, already knows.

If you are also looking forward to this official container images you may want to kudos this idea at link below.

Do you have an idea that you think it is really interesting?

Post in the comments if you have any ideas that you want to draw attention to.

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