First Post

Finally, I am writing my first post on my blog. It was a real quest to set up a blog. I am not quite satisfied yet, but it is readable.

For the last few weeks, I put on my mind that I somehow needed to share something of the things that I’ve been intensive learning in LabVIEW. The community has been getting stronger in the last years, just see the number of independent events going on frequently (LabVIEW Wiki Web Site).

Aside from that, I started my accounts on Gitlab and Github, where I intend to share my codes and also contributing to some other initiatives on the community.

In my posts, I intend not just to throw some code there, as I will seek to explain how I took the decisions and came up with the solution. The goal is to somehow write down a bit of what I am learning, and keep track of my evolution along this knowledge path.

Hope you all guys subscribe, and receive an e-mail when news post are jut out of the oven. By the way, English is not my native language, so sometimes you will notice some weird stuff being written. Don’t bother.


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