GLA Summit 2020 Presentation

As mentioned in my previous post, this year I had the opportunity to present one of my projects at the GLA Summit, which is a Global LabVIEW Architects Summit (online event), that this year filled the gap for the absence of the annual CLA Summit, that did not occur due to the COVID-19.

We had very good presentations, aside me, there were the best LabVIEW Developers in the world presenting the cutting edge techniques used in the projects.

I wanted to write this post before, but I was expecting to see some videos to comment on the presentations. But, yesterday, at the LAF Meeting, Fabiola mentioned that maybe the videos will take longer due to the need of editing. It turns out that screen sharing was recorded separated from the presenter, so, it will need some adjustments.

As I was on vacation, I couldn’t be so active in the Summit, but I did watch a couple of presentations, and for those who not participate, you must watch the videos later to catch up the latest topics in LabVIEW Development.

Because of this latest fact, I also had issues with my internet connection, although I had tested many times, during the presentation my connection went down for a second, but it was enough to disconnect the video and mic sharing, and I presented a couple of minutes to nobody, until I realize I was off. Shame on me.

At the end, I did return in time, and finished the presentation, but I don’t know if most of the people kept waiting until I returned. Just sorry about that.

For those who didn’t watch my presentation, it was about this lightweight Actors that I designed to abstract message handling between Actors in Actor Framework.

Surely it is nothing so fancy as other frameworks (MVA, Message Framework, and others), but it just does its job by acting as a message broker.

As in the presentation I am sharing the project repository in Gitlab, so you may have a look.

Later I’ll have some posts explaining how to use this library.

At last, I would like to leave my thanks to the organization (Christopher Stryker, Tom McQuillan, Fabiola De La Cueva, Sarah Zalusky and Piotr Demski) that made it all possible.

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