GLA Summit 2020 Videos

Happy New Year everyone!

At the very end of the last year, we received the news that our presentation videos from GLA Summit 2020 were made available at Youtube. I comment about this event in my previous posts here and here.

If you missed, you may have a chance to learn from the best developers in the world a few of the newest approaches in the LabVIEW development environment.

My video is already there, for that I edit the wiki page to add some more links and descriptions.

If you want to check out, I am leaving the link below.

GLA Summit – Broker Framework Presentation by Felipe P. Silva

The presentation was not as good as I was expecting to, but in the end I found it was satisfactory for being the first english presentation about LabVIEW.

But, don’t miss the other presentations too, listed in the link below in the LabVIEW Wiki.

GLA Summit 2020 Presentations

Stay safe.

Until the next post.

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